It’s all in the Name

We are often asked where the name Orterra came from. It’s definitely not a real word. This blog post delves a little deeper into the story is of where our practice name comes from. Ever since I was young, I have always liked the sciences. Biology was my thing growing up and I loved animals. It was only later in life when I started at university that I fell in love with ecology, earth systems, and plants. When I discovered landscape architecture, I realised I get to immerse myself in ecology, earth systems, plants, and animals every day. So, when […]

How Did I Become a Landscape Architect?

It all started a few years ago now when I was studying science at university with the intention to be a vet. I had desperately wanted to work as a vet since my grade 10 work experience. I was hooked when I saw my first operation on a baby lama the day I arrived. However, years later while working towards this goal at university it changed. I was in the middle of an animal anatomy subject standing there cutting up a calf fetus. I realised this is not what I want to do anymore. So, as you do in life […]