What can you do as a business to support NAIDOC Week?

As we are halfway through National NAIDOC Week, we wanted to reflect on what we as a non-indigenous business can do and do to engage with NAIDOC and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Here are just a few:

Educate and Raise Awareness

  • Be proactive in organising educational workshops or training sessions for your employees. Learn about the significance of NAIDOC Week, our shared history, and the importance of cultural awareness.
  • Share resources such as books, articles, and documentaries that provide insight into Aboriginal culture and history. Encourage staff to engage with these resources, perhaps building a small common library within the office.

Engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities

  • Partner with local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organizations and businesses. This could involve collaborating on projects or participating in community events.
  • Involve Indigenous voices in your business through consultation and inclusion. This could mean speaking with Aboriginal leaders for advice on culturally appropriate practices or business procedures.

Promote Economic Development and Achievements

  • Look at your company’s procurement practices; consider purchasing goods and services from Aboriginal-owned businesses. Doing so supports economic opportunities for Aboriginal-owned businesses.
  • Use your platform to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent; provide opportunities when you can, help with networking when you can’t.

Make NAIDOC Week a Starting Point for Long-Term Commitment

While NAIDOC Week provides a focal point for celebration, it is crucial to view this engagement as the beginning of a longer journey toward mutual understanding, respect, and reconciliation. At Orterra we are committed to continue fostering relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities and promoting ongoing education and awareness among our staff.

By taking these steps, we can play a vital role in contributing to NAIDOC Week and a more respectful society. Celebrating the rich cultures and significant contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people not only enriches your business but also helps build a stronger, more united community for all.

We would love to hear about your NAIDOC week experience contact us today to share your story.

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