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Orterra is a Brisbane based Landscape Architecture practice creating spaces where the community and individuals can feel connected to place. Landscape Architecture has the ability to establish an identity for a community. It enables greater access to the natural spaces around them and creates memorable experiences for all who interact with it. We work across a variety of projects from large to small, with our clients and projects including:
  • Local government parks and streetscapes
  • Bikeways and road infrastructure
  • Residential and community master planned developments
  • Commercial and mixed-use developments
  • Schools, kindergarten’s and childcare centres - through our close working relationship with Nature Play Queensland

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The Orterra Team

Our Values


We believe all people should be equal. We treat our colleagues, clients and consultants with respect. We celebrate our diverse backgrounds, experiences and use them to our advantage to create places for people.



We design spaces which allow all users to experience the places we design how they need and require..


We understand our clients and users of our designs have varied goals, situations, and values. We listen and incorporate these into our design philosophy.



We respect and encourage the authentic self of our team, our clients and consultants and we celebrate our differences. We aim to understand, support, and include our diversity within our designs.



We promote, campaign and defend our environment and improve, rehabilitate and regenerate the biodiversity and the environment of our projects.



We are clear and open with the decisions we make and are open and honest with our clients to ensure both their and our expectations are met.

Meet the Orterra Team

Meet Debbie

Debbie Laporte is the founding Director of Orterra, a Brisbane based Landscape…

Meet Isabel

Isabel has a Bachelor of Design in Landscape Architecture (Honours), with minors…

Meet Danica

Danica is currently undertaking her third year of a Bachelor of Design…

Meet Winnie

Winnie is our admin assistant who has been at Orterra for 5…

Meet Groot

Groot is a part-time worker, part-time napper in our office. He is…


Site Analysis

A site analysis is where we really look at your site. In…

Community Consultation

Orterra specialises in consultation with our education clients. Childcare, kindergarten, and schools.…

Landscape Sketch and Concept Design

Orterra prides itself on developing concept and sketch designs our clients love.…

Development Application and Operational Works Drawings

Orterra is experienced in working developers and consultants get development applications designed…


Masterplans are overarching comprehensive document which provide a strategy for the future…

Play and Nature Play Playground Design

Orterra is an advocate for children’s play in all forms. We have…

Workshops, Training and Speaking

Orterra loves to provide workshops and training to is able to provide…

Playground Design

Orterra prides itself on its educational design services, our difference is looking…

Streetscape Design

Orterra is experience in developing streets for people. We have experience using…

Orterra’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Orterra is not just a company that wants to say the right things, we want to be doing something about it. We understand change is not about just having the policies, it is about living, breathing and designing. It is about creating a safe place of understanding. Of accepting that we are limited in our understanding and that with open hearts and minds, we can create a place of growth, respect and change. Reconciliation to us is a safe place to learn, to understand, to talk and a place that allows First Nations People to feel empowered to share their perspectives on reconciliation.

Orterra is taking the first steps on a long journey to reconciliation. We are excited to make our stand and contribute to a better way of working.

Click here to read our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).