The Year That was 2022

It’s been a year- this has been a challenging year hear at Orterra. We have had some amazing highs and some lows. We have been a bit quiet on the blog front lately. I know we generally like to give your great content consistently however, we have been very busy creating some amazing designs over the last few months for our clients and as we don’t like to provide you with terrible content hence we have let this slide a bit. But don’t worry we have been planning and there are some great things in the pipeline for next year.

However, we thought that we would send you off this year with some of your favourite and our favourite topics from this year. I hereby present, in one handy post, wrapped up in an imaginary bow, 2022’s hot blog posts.

Our most popular post for 2022 is drum roll….

What can I build in an Easement in my Garden

This post was written in 2021 however it is still our most popular post. This is something we come across all the time and not just in residential gardens. They are everywhere so watch this space next year for more info on this topic.

Screening your neighbours was also very popular. I am not sure what this says about your neighbours however I do understand.

How to avoid having your rubbish bin at our front door is also high on the list of things you want to know about. Site planning is very important to the success of any project. So we can see why this one is popular.

One of our favourites was discussing about why seating is so important in a design and how this can make or break a space. However, it is also hard for us to choose between talking about why biodiversity is so important to us or the importance of Nature Play and Outdoor Teaching. So, we will let you choose for yourselves.

The post we are probably most proud of this year was talking about our reconciliation journey and some of the amazing people who have helped us through this process.

We would love to hear about topics that you might want to hear more about next year so please feel free to contact us and let us know.