Masterplans are overarching comprehensive document which provide a strategy for the future design of an area. They can be used for residential design, education facilities and commercial developments. Orterra specialise in developing masterplans which putting people and landscape first to assist in creating healthy and welcoming environments for users.

Orterra develops landscape masterplans that bring together practice, theory and user needs to create places people will want to be. We strongly believe in creating places that benefit the community and environment. We ensure our masterplan designs relate to their surrounding context while creating environments with a distinct identity for the user.

Our Masterplans can include:

  • Site analysis
  • Planning and legislative requirements
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Design strategy
  • Play Theory

A masterplan provides a strategic guide for the landscape, helping the stakeholder maximise the opportunities and manage site constraints. The purpose of a master plan is to provide a guide for future growth and development of the site.

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