Development Application and Operational Works Drawings

Orterra is experienced in working developers and consultants get development applications designed and approved by Councils. 

Development application drawings are design to inform Council of the intent of your development. They are a crucial part of the development process and here at Orterra we work with your team to ensure that we have a clear outcome and solutions to performance criteria to avoid lengthy and costly delays during the application process. We aim to help create a developments that benefits the environment and the community.

Operational Works (OPW) drawings are a more detailed set of documentations that is designed to communicate the landscape extent, finishes, planting and specifications for the project. We are experienced in working with the consultancy team to ensure your operational works approval meets all of Councils conditions and site requirements.

If you have a development and would like to talk to us about getting us on board or just would like to learn more. We would love to hear from you, so contact us now.