Landscape Sketch and Concept Design

Orterra prides itself on developing concept and sketch designs our clients love. We take into consideration your budget, needs, and requirements. We work closely with you and other consultants to achieve the best outcome for the project. 

Concept and sketch design can often used as interchangeable terms in design. They can be a simple bubble diagram identifying relationships and layouts for a project or they can be a more detailed drawing which provides a character and feel to the new space.

A concept/ sketch designs assist you by putting your vision onto paper. We recommend the concept / sketch design as the first step in many smaller projects. If you have a larger project a masterplan (link to masterplan service ) might be your first port of call before developing a more detailed concept/ sketch design. 

If you are unsure we would love to talk to you about your project and see which approach will ensure you achieve the objectives and outcome for your project. Contact us today.