Community Consultation

Orterra specialises in consultation with our education clients. Childcare, kindergarten, and schools. We enjoy working together and listening to these communities. To help provide a voice and discover what is important to them about their space. We see part of our role is to help a community discover their values goals for a project.

Each consultation is individually tailored you and your community. The age, skill level and diversity of the community and outcomes of the project. These are all taken into consideration when designing consultation plans. Some options for connecting with your community might include; 

  • Onsite workshops which children and young people of all ages
  • Onsite workshops with parents and staff
  • Conducting surveys and interviews with the community and or stakeholders
  • Presentations and question and answer sessions 

We also have experience in providing input into community consultation for commercial and infrastructure projects. 

Why is it important to talk to your community? A design that incorporates community views ensures the greater success. It helps identify key challenges and opportunities early on which assist in managing risks and helps communicate your message to your community building stronger relationships.

If you are unsure about consultation we are happy to talk about options and the best way we can help you. Contact us today!