2023 in a Nutshell

Where to start! We have had an amazing year at Orterra, we have moved office and have gone from a one-room office to having a much bigger space with meeting rooms and lunch space! We’ve also grown from a team of 2 to a team of 5. We have completed many projects this year. We have travelled all over Queensland for projects from Mackay to the Gold Coast so don’t think we won’t come to you. We have been working hard on our Innovate RAP which are hoping to be able to have endorsed next year and we have been planning some really exciting things for 2024.

We would like to thank all of our clients you know who you are please keeps sending us updates on your spaces we love to see them. To the consultants and contractors we work with, thank you for being so amazing and part of our team we couldn’t do this without you.

To send you off this year, we’ve summed up three of the most popular blog posts of 2023.

** Our most popular post for 2022 is drum roll….

Bringing all 7 Senses to life through Design

Yes there are more than 5 senses in reality it is agreed that there are 21 but that’s okay we are just focusing on 7 in this article which talks about how important they all are for designing spaces, particularly for children.

The Role of Environmental Design in Preventing Crime was the next most popular blog post with this blog focusing on how we design spaces to both be and feel safe. This is such an important consideration in design to ensure that anyone who wants to use a place can feel comfortable and safe in that environment.

And last but not least Teenage Girl Spaces – where do our teenage girls fit? This is one of our passions in the office, girls are often forgotten in the design of public spaces and playgrounds and we aim to include them in every space we design.

Our last day in the office this year will be the 22nd of December and we will be back on the 8th of January. If you would like to talk to us about your project we would love to hear from you between now and Christmas to get organised for next year. Contact us to discuss your project we would love to help.

To round off the last blog post for the year we would just like to say Merry Christmas everyone has a fantastic break.