What do the Terms Cut and Fill Mean?

When talking to our clients we often use the terms cut and fill. These often come up when discussing how you might change the ground to create different types of spaces in a garden. Often they are terms that clients are unfamiliar with. So wanted to go into more detail today about what this meant. If you have a development or build on a slope, it is extremally helpful if you understand these two terms. And, how it affects your site. Today, we are going to break it down for you. So you can have a better understanding of what may be involved in building on a slope. 

Cut and fill are both terms we use in discussing how we are going to level a site or sections of land. This process is used to create flat platforms on which to build. Or to create space for a particular function. It is a common method of leveling out the earth. Occurs by moving the earth (soil) from one place to another. It is typically used to prepare a sloped site, get ready to build on, and create new areas.

If you would like a more technical definition go here.

What is Cut?

Cutting is moving the earth away, below the original ground level to the desired level.

What is Fill?

Filling is when the earth is used to fill a hole or raising up the original ground level to reach the desired level. This fill could be the earth removed from the cut, or brought to site from an external site.

If you use cut and fill wisely you can reduce your site preparation costs. The best way this is done is by using the earth you already have on-site and moving it around to create the spaces you would like. If this is not possible then there are often significant costs involved in either, dumping the extra soil. Or purchasing soil to bring onto your site to create the space. To simplify it, cutting would take soil off your site and filling would bring soil on.

Now there are advantages and disadvantages to both of these methods however that discussion is probably for another blog post. So, when we start talking about cutting and filling your site. If you think about is as taking soil away and adding soil on you will hopefully be able to understand what your final product could be like. Therefore ensuring you get the spaces and design you want.

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