What Is So Important About Soil and Why Should I Care?

This is a question I get asked to explain by most clients. Whether you are an architect, homeowner, town planner, engineer. It can be confusing, and I am not going to lie probably somewhat boring for people who have no interest in soil science and plants.

Now I can imagine a lot of you are about to hit the close button on this blog but just hold with me. I want to tell you the one secret that will help you understand why landscape architects, horticulturalist and other plant lovers jump up and down about soil so much.

Drum Roll…..

Bad Soil = No Plants

That basically it. We want places looking great. There is nothing worse than everything dying on a site. We want the plants to do well. Lush foliage, green grass, trees that thrive and look healthy. If the soil is not right it won’t work.

Think of it like you are baking a cake. There can be lots of ingredients that can go into making a good cake. But if you add to much flour, or no sugar it never works well.

It’s the same with soil, there are a mixture of ingredients that go into soil so that plants grow well, however have to much of one thing or not enough of the other and it doesn’t work out well for the plants either. Soil also have variation depending on where you are in the world. If we go back to our cake analogy think of being in Australia and making lamingtons or being in England and making Batternberg cake. They have their regional tastes.

So how does this affect your site and why should you care?

If you don’t really care about the plants and if they survive then don’t worry about your soil. Use the site soil, import what you like dig a hole, and plant. It may or may not survive. However, if you would like a little more reassurance than that we can help. Contact us today to talk about your soil.

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