Yandina Creek Wetland

Orterra was approached by WSP Australia to assist with the concept planning and design of a series of new walking tracks, bird hides, boardwalks, and pontoons within the Yandina Creek Wetland. Through the use, repair, and addition of existing facilities. We were able to ensure minimal intervention to the existing wetland. Creating a low-impact design. The design incorporated areas of both natural wetland and historical farmland. With a significant portion of the site prone to flooding this was a strong consideration to the overall planning of the walking track network.

The design aimed to provide a more accessible path network and provide a variety of viewing points, and rest spots. Integrated wayfinding and informational points were identified to enhance the usability of the area for visitors. The overall design aimed to provide for a variety of visitors. But was particularly focused on providing spaces that accommodated bird-watching enthusiasts in their observations of the natural wildlife found within Yandina Creek Wetland.

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