Subtropical Residential Retreat, Wooloowin

Orterra was engaged to help renovate and create a subtropical retreat to an existing back garden of our client’s property in Wooloowin. The client wanted the space to be a more relaxing and inviting environment. They were frustrated with the lack of space and how the pool fencing cut through their garden.

Due to a growing family, the use of the back garden had changed. They now desired to update their existing pool and garden to create the relaxing retreat the always wanted. The design aimed to increase the usable lawn area whilst modernising the existing pool to create a relaxing environment that could accommodate their stylish new sauna.

The introduction of subtropical planting, natural materials, neutral tones and curved edges, softened the hardscaping and framed the garden and pool space creating a private retreat for the clients to immerse themselves in. 

We cannot wait to see this project come to life soon. Contact us today to discuss your garden renovation.