Open Space Masterplan, LORDS

Orterra was approached by LORDS to assist with creating a design for the school which would increase the play values of the school grounds and allow for increased outdoor teaching. The first part of this process was to develop an open space masterplan and play strategy.

A series of surveys were sent to the staff, students, and parents of LORDS. These workshops and surveys gather feedback in regard to current school grounds and describe visions for the future.

It was fantastic to see during this process all ages trying to think and engage with ideas about the likes and wishes of the whole school. Year12 students wondering what the preps might like to play on. Year 5’s thinking about what they might want to do when they get to high school and therefore what the current students might want to do now. The considered thought and insight these students had for one another is not an easy achievement and speaks to the work of LORDS to have a nurturing environment and guide their students to being thoughtful contributors.

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