Open Space Masterplan, Corinda State School

Orterra had the pleasure to work with Corinda State School to create a nature play based open space masterplan for their school. The school was already starting to explore loose parts play opportunities through the prep teaching team. Orterra built on this work expanding opportunities across the school.   The school also has large areas of greenspace which flood during heavy rain and as a consequence can be out of action for long periods. This created a challenge within the landscape to create spaces that were both in and out of the flood zones for students. Expanding their options for outdoor teaching spaces was high on their priority list as several teachers often used the existing spaces however sometimes found them restrictive. 

Since the development of the masterplan Orterra have gone on to design a section of the Nature play playground which is currently under construction. We are looking forward to working with Corinda as they continue their nature play journey.

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