New Outdoor Teaching Spaces, LORDS

The new LORDS Primary Learning Building has been designed to integrate with the school. Therefore it was important to connect the spaces between the old and new buildings. These types of spaces are perfect for creating outdoor teaching environments adjacent to classrooms. Allowing the whole school to utilised to its full potential and create a cohesive school.

In keeping with the school’s intention to expand outdoor teaching, we have designed spaces for outdoor classroom activities and individual quiet zones for students. Adding in some curves to help soften the hard building surroundings, the space keeps an expanse of open lawn pockets for classes to sit or stand, while still keeping easy access down to the new building.

Small gardens with native planting break up the large space into four lawn pockets. These gardens provide small seating opportunities with sandstone square blocks for quiet time, or to be utilised for teachers to sit during outdoor teaching.

We believe that even the small spaces between buildings can be utilised to soften and for learning. This small landscape has mighty benefits to its students and teachers.

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