Community Hub and Outdoor Teaching Space, Rochedale South State School

With Covid changing many parts of our lives, the way parents and caregivers have interacted with schools has significantly changed. During this pandemic, the communal parent pickup spot at Rochedale South State School was relocated to the front lawn where social distancing was easier. This resulted in a lot of parents standing around waiting for their children. The school wanted to encourage some of the community communication that use to occur pre-covid in parent waiting areas. Orterra was asked to design a space where parents and carers were permitted to come, sit and wait for their children. The shaded front lawn was the perfect location with several groups of seats allowing for a variety of parent groups. The arrangement was designed in such a way as to enhance the chance of casual conversation. However, allowing for social distancing.

This space had another benefit to the school. The school has been integrating outdoor teaching further into its pedagogy. The arrangement of the seats is such a whole class can use the space for lessons allowing another space within the school for outdoor learning.

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