Coastal and Tropical Garden Renovation, Wooloowin

Tucked away in the suburbs of Brisbane was a two-storey, new build house is set amongst some beautifully established trees.  Orterra was engaged to design an easy maintenance front and rear garden that provided the clients with privacy as well as celebrate the character of the newly built home. 

The front garden was to have a formal and coastal feel that included a feature entry to the front entrance of the property. The cheerful yellow door was the perfect choice to create a colourful pop, tying in the yellow Curry plants and Yellow buttons in the planting scheme.

In the rear garden, a more relaxed, sub-tropical feel was requested; to provide privacy from neighbours as well as a lush green backdrop transporting you away from suburbia. A business in the front, party in the back design, if you will.

As per our commitment to sustainability, we retained much of the mature vegetation already present on the property as well as proposed new plants that were locally sourced, native and provide shade and biodiversity benefits as much as possible.  The integration of a firepit only adds to the inviting nature of the garden.

 Initially the black wrought iron backdrop behind the BBQ area was to be discarded,

 however Debbie (our Director) suggested for it be repainted and used as a feature.

It is now one of the client’s most beloved features in the whole space!

We are so happy to see the final product and absolutely cannot wait to come back and see the established garden in the near future!

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