Childcare, Kindergarten, and OSHC Renovation, Gidgee Kids ELC Cunnamulla

Gidgee Kids ELC, Cunnamulla wanted to renovate the entire center’s three playgrounds. The center caters to kids from 6 weeks old to 12 years of age across all of their spaces.

As part of our visit, we found many areas of unused space that we could incorporate into the existing playgrounds. This repurposing created amazing opportunities at Gidgee Kids to extend and expand the playgrounds.

The design aimed to ensure each playground provided better play value for the children. They were also to provide opportunities for each age group to have different experiences as they transition through the center. While each playground was to provide a playspace for exploration, connection, and cohesion.

Gidgee Kids has a strong connection to Country and the dreamtime story of the Rainbow Serpent has a special place with this community. This story became the centerpiece of the design. Allowing the center to be connected more than just physically. It allowed us to create one large play space with three smaller playspaces. The Serpent weaves in and out of each playspace while traveling and stopping at each ‘water hole’, or the four different types of water play experiences. The Rainbow Serpent is captured in the design through art, appearing above the ground, in the clouds, on the ground, and underground.

The design provides spaces for children to explore, grow, connect, and heal. It provides additional vegetation and shade ensuring the spaces are comfortable and cool for the children to use in the semi-arid climate. 

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