School Connection Masterplan, Capalaba State College

Orterra was approached to develop a school connection masterplan between the junior and senior school campuses. This was to not only be a physical connection. But to also help connect the two communities. To provide facilities for both campuses, and to help in bringing the junior and senior school communities closer together.  

The development of this master plan was led by the parents, however, students, staff, and parents were all consulted to help create a design that was based on the school’s wants and need for the future. First Nations Peoples representative for the local area, was engaged and their feedback was incorporated into the design.

One of its aims was to develop the school’s outdoor learning and teaching spaces. This masterplan increases the opportunities for teachers to deliver outdoor learning to students for both the senior and junior schools. It provides locations for casual and formal play opportunities. Spaces for the school to increase the play value of the school grounds and build on the work that the school is currently doing with nature play and outdoor learning. This masterplan has been developed to help the school prioritise projects and obtain future funding.

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