Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Australia

Your front landscape is the first thing someone sees when they visit your home or drive past so why not make it stand out. We’ve compiled a list of some fun landscaping ideas you can implement into your front yard to make it a standout.

Rock Gardens

As the name suggests, rock gardens are gardens that are designed with the use of different rocks and pebbles in combination with different plants. You can get creative with your rock garden, choosing cacti and succulents, or native plant species. They are low maintenance and can promote drainage if your property is susceptible to regular flooding.

Palm-lined Pathways

Line your pathways with palms to create a resort-like entrance to your home. It’s a subtle way of saying, “Welcome to my tropical paradise.”

Succulent Garden

Implement a succulent garden with a variety of shapes and colours. Succulents thrive in Brisbane’s climate and are low maintenance. Whether you need a groundcover or a feature plant, there is a succulent for every situation. They are easy to maintain, use little water so they can be the perfect low maintenance front garden.

Edible Garden

Plant an edible garden and become the homegrown farmer of your street. Planted in the ground or raised planters, herbs and vegetables can be used anywhere in the garden.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez ???????? on Unsplash

Feature Fence/ Screen

Your front fence doesn’t have to the timber, or tall, or even solid. Your front fence can be anything you want it to be! Maybe it’s a row of hedges, or a rock wall, or some recycled posts.   

Remember, landscaping is not just about plants; it’s an expression of your personality. So go ahead, let your garden be the feature of the street!

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