Teaching Outdoors Made Easier With These 5 Items Under $100

Here at Orterra, we are massive advocates for teaching outdoors. The benefits of teaching outdoors are amazing for children. Here, we will give a brief discussion of some of the benefits of teaching outside. While looking at 5 items under $100 that might make things easier for you.  

The Benefits Of Teaching Outdoors  

There are strong links between spending time outdoors and personal health. Children that are taught outdoors have increased academic performance, attention spans, engagement, and enthusiasm during classes. It builds on their sensory stimulation, social skills, movement, physical activity, teamwork, and confidence. All while growing their appreciation and awareness for the natural environment. Whether it’s a full lesson or a nature walk, there are benefits in any small amount of time outside.

Photo by Jess Zoerb on Unsplash

What You Can Teach Outdoors?

Anything! Any subject can be taught outdoors, not just sport. However, if you are stuck on ideas there are plenty of resources available. Some of our favourites are from Nature Play Queensland. They are free to download!

How To Make The Transition Easier and What Might you Need?

You have your lesson plan, you know where you have a great spot outdoors to go to. Now what? Well, there might be some other items you need to make the transition. Sometimes a few creature comforts make things run smoother. Below, is a list of items that might help you with your class. They cost under $100 for a set for an entire class. Bargain and they may help make teaching outdoors just a bit easier for you. Just a note, we have not been paid to advertise or recommend these products. 

Photo by Jess Zoerb on Unsplash

Oops that Didn’t Go to Plan….Don’t Give Up!

Teaching outdoors is a learning adjustment for you and your students. So, if the first lesson doesn’t go to plan, don’t give up! Try again, it will get easier as you and the children adjust to the new ways of learning and the benefits will come.

Call us today to discuss how we could help make your school outdoor teaching friendly.

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