6 Ways to Keep Dogs out of the Garden

Dogs, you have to love them, they are “man’s best friend” destroyer of shoes giver of unconditional love, and garden hole digger. As much as we love them, some dogs have traits that we don’t love. So here are a few quick ways to keep your dogs out of the garden beds you really like.

Make a special spot for them

Even though it might seem like your dog is difficult to train. With constant positive reinforcement, it is possible. If your dog is digging holes all over your garden. Have a look around and see if there is a spot that is acceptable for them to dig.

Fence it off

This might not seem like the most practical solution but keeping them out of a certain area can be a good option. Now depending on the size of your dog, it doesn’t have to be a fence. Large rocks or spiky plants. It could be a temporary fence until the plants get big enough. You might want to look at fencing off part of the garden. There are lots of options when it comes to this type of thing.

Make it uncomfortable

I don’t like to lie on uncomfortable beds and neither do your dogs. So, another option is making it as uncomfortable for them as possible. Different shaped larger rocks, pinecones, or Crows Ash cones Flindersia australis (those things are very spiky). Anything that makes it an uncomfortable place to rest.

Get technical

There are lots of electronic products out there to stop animals from moving across spaces. Wireless fences, automatic sprinkler systems spray water as a deterrent when they get close. If you are into gadgets this might be right up your alley so have a look to see if they are suitable for your home.

From the kitchen

Some dogs don’t like things like citrus or coffee or anything spicy, so spraying or putting these on your garden beds can be a good deterrent for your dog. On the positive side of doing this. These things are also good natural insect replants and can keep insects from eating your plants.

Entertain them

I have often heard the saying a tired dog is a good dog. If your dog is busy doing something else, then shouldn’t be getting bored and climbing in your garden beds. So, make sure your dog can entertain itself and keep itself busy without the need to use your garden for entertainment.

Hopefully, there are a few tips here to help you and your garden from man’s best friend. We are always happy to help come up with ideas so give a call and we can work with you on solutions.